Apr 12, 2008 · Here's a step by step manual for doing a wheelie on a cruiser: Step 1: Get on the bike. Step 2: Get off the bike. Step 3: Lift up foot. Step 4: Kick gas tank as hard as you can, causing the bike to fall over, simulating what happens when you try to do a wheelie like an idiot.. Share. favorite this post Dec 18. For immediate assistance please call us. Harvey's Neon Pink Catrike. Yes there is the few freshly brewed Pricks on the cruisers that think just because they have a HOG look alike they are instantly a member of a well know motorcycle group.. We head to the bikes for a lesson in body positioning and the seven basics of motorcycle control. Roushani says the seven moves are turning left and right, leaning/sliding left and right, wheelies on the back wheel, stoppies or endos on the front wheel, and jumping with both wheels off the ground. Jun 13, 2015 - Explore Cory Tobin's board "wheelie do-dads", followed by 135 people on Pinterest.

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